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About 40 years ago I founded “The Burlington Motor Company Limited” in a railway arch in Leamington Spa, England. We designed and manufactured a 1930’s style sports car body that we sold to customers worldwide. It was called the “Burlington SS” and was sold as a kit of parts.

About a year later I came up with the idea of designing a car body that could be built entirely  from a set of low cost plans, thus eliminating the need for enthusiasts to purchase a kit of parts. 

The Burlington Arrow was born.

Our customers would build their own Arrow using a Triumph Herald as the base vehicle and end up with a truly individual sport scar with the satisfaction that it was all their own work. There had never been anything quite like it before in the world of home built cars and sales of Arrow plans went way beyond expectation. In total over six thousand sets of Arrow plans were sold, and it is estimated that over 500 cars were built. The Burlington Arrow is now a true “Classic Car” in it’s own right, with many happy owners in all parts of the world.  

 The plans had not been available for many years, but an upsurge of interest in Burlington products made me decide to resurrect the idea, and place the plans on a CD Rom. Because there is a vast amount of space on a CD, I’ve included other plans that are similar. As well as the Arrow plans, there are plans to enable you to build your own chassis, and a World War 2 utility type vehicle.



All the plans are in .jpg format scanned from the original paper masters that were first drawn up by myself many years ago. They are all indexed and some comments are made concerning “How I would have changed things if I were doing it all again today.”

Because the Arrow was designed so long ago it is not possible to just build a car exactly to the instructions given.

The car needs to pass an “IVA” test in order to get it legally on the road.

I believe that people have modified things in order to get an IVA certificate for an Arrow, but please be aware that I cannot give any advice on how to do it. There are several handbooks on the net that detail what the requirements are for the IVA test.

They range from simple explanations of what you need to the official Government IVA manual.

Things like making the steering column collapse in the event of a crash, incorporate a dual circuit brakes system, have no sharp edges any where, and several more things. All of which are achievable.

What I have found over the past few years I’ve been supplying the CD is that the majority of customers are either people who have just bought a second hand Arrow or people who want to build a unique self made car and need some sort of starting point.

Many self-builders just need an idea to get them going. 

The Arrow plans can provide this.

More detailed descriptions of the plans, can be found below.

For pictures of finished cars, click on the “Gallery” tab at the top or bottom of the page


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 Burlington Arrow plans
Burlington Chieftain plans
Burlington Chassis plans
Burlington loom instructions

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