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The Arrow chassis plans came about because at the time I was having brand new chassis made and one or two cheeky people asked if they could measure up the new chassis to enable them to build their own, thus saving themselves about £100. Being an obliging sort of person I let them do it, and then realized that I was actually losing money because they were not buying the finished item from me. So to make a small profit I drew up the plans and sold them. The quality of the drawings was not brilliant, but as they enabled people to save a lot of money no one complained. The main thing being that the plans were 100% usable for their purpose. They make use of stock steel sections and include all brackets and hole positions to allow Triumph suspension etc to be fitted. An important note is that you must be a competent welder to build your own chassis. Iíve been welding for 20 years and am bloody terrible. I would trust my welding to hold a hanging basket in the garden, but I would never trust it to go 100 MPH down the road. (Not even 10 MPH). If you know a GOOD welder, then get them to do that part. By all means do the cutting and drilling yourself, but pay a bit of money to someone to do the skilled bit.

You do not NEED a new chassis, if you are only using the 4 cylinder engine, but if the old Triumph one is beyond repair, at least you can build your own.

Arrow Chassis pages 10. First produced 1981

The pages are as follows:

Page 0  Front cover.                        
Page 1  Introduction                         
Page 2  Basic chassis rails.                 
Page 3  Front tower mounts                   
Page 4  Steering rack mount and tower plates 
Page 5  Diff rear mounts and damper mounts   
Page 6  Diff front mount                     
Page 7  Chassis front end details            
Page 8  Photos                              
Page 9  Photos                      

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