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The Arrow was the first car that I designed to be built from a set of plans. It was designed to fit on a modified Triumph Herald chassis. I later produced a set of chassis plans so the builder could use parts from the Spitfire, Vitesse, or GT6 vehicles. It is also worth bearing in mind that the Bond Equipe also used the same mechanical parts as the Herald and so that too could be used as a base vehicle. However, I do know that many people used the plans as a starting point and that cars have been built on the following chassis, with mods. made to the body plans to suit: Lotus Elan, Triumph TR4, Reliant Scimitar.  I recall someone proposing to use the VW Beetle “Kipper” floorpan. If you have the patience, I guess anything is possible.

A glass fiber radiator surround (nose cone) and scuttle top (the bit that fits under the windscreen ) were available. It was anticipated that Arrow builders would not be able to make these items themselves. However, I estimate that around 50% of the cars were built without these "Factory" items, people simply built their own scuttle tops from a couple of pieces of ply, to act as front and rear formers, and then curved ally sheet over the top. ( Just look at any 1930's small sports car to get the idea). Home made radiator surrounds came in a variety of flavors. Some people made excellent sheet metal surrounds, some made their own moulds and made glass fiber ones, and other people modified radiator surrounds from a variety of production cars. It all added to the individuality of Arrows.


 The man who made the glass fiber items still has the moulds but is getting on in age a bit now . However he may still be happy to produce the items, if anyone wants to do it that way.

A set of flowing wings (based on the MGTC) were later supplied and this car became the Burlington Berretta. Many people added the wings to the Arrow several years after using it on the road. (Some people with other makes of "Cycle wing" kit cars also bought them.)

Along with the Arrow plans the CD contains the "Berretta Update plans" . These re slight changes to the original plans that make the lines flow better with the flowing wings. To be honest they improve the looks of the Arrow as well. It's just simple changes like the angle where the engine side panels meet the scuttle and a slightly elongated dummy fuel tank.

Like the glass fiber parts for the Arrow, the moulds for the flowing wings still exist and the guy may be happy to make you a set.

Alternately you could get a set of glass fibre MGTC front and rear wings and modify them to suit. (A bit difficult, but that's how I made the prototype, so not impossible.)


 Changes that I would make if I were to do it today. 

There are some changes that HAVE to be made, in order to pass the latest legislation in the UK, and these include a dual circuit braking system and an extra joint in the steering column. Both of these were things I would consider worth doing any way. The extra joint in the steering is to enable the steering wheel to move out of the way in the event of a front end collision, but it will also allow the wheel to be positioned slightly higher up, thus enabling better entry for the driver.

The braking can be sorted out with the use of a Marina pedal box and master cylinder.

76 pages. First produced 1981

The pages are as follows:

Page 0  Front cover          
Page 1  Index                
Page 2  Introduction         
Page 3  Wood panel list      
Page 4  Sheet aluminium      
Page 5  Steelwork            
Page 6  Angle iron           
Page 7  Extras you will need 
Page 8  Nuts and bolts       
Page 9  Strip down Herald    
Page 10 Strip down Herald    
Page 11 Modify chassis       
Page 12 Building up body     
Page 13 Building up body     
Page 14 Building up body     
Page 15 Building up body     
Page 16 Wiring.              
Page 17 Does not exist (Was price list or similar.)
Page 18 Photos               
Page 19 Photos               
Page 20 Photos               
Page 21 Photos               
Page 22 Photos               
Page 23 Does not exist (Was price list or similar.)         
Page 24 Does not exist (Was price list or similar.)        
Page 25 Does not exist (Was price list or similar.)        
Page 26 AS1 AS2 WP1          
Page 27 AS3 WP2              
Page 28 WP3 WP4.             
Page 29 WP5 WP11.            
Page 30 WP6.                 
Page 31 WP7 WP19             
Page 32 WP8 WP21 WP22        
Page 33 WP9 WP10             
Page 34 WP12 AS15            
Page 35 WP13                 
Page 36 WP14 WP18            
Page 37 WP15                 
Page 38 WP16                 
Page 39 WP17 AS10            
Page 40 WP17 AS10            
Page 41 WP20 WP30            
Page 42 WP23                 
Page 43 WP24 WP25 WP266      
Page 44 WP27 WP28.           
Page 45 WP29 WP31            
Page 46 AS4                  
Page 47 AS5 AS8 AS12 A       
Page 48 S21 S22 S23          
Page 49 AS9                  
Page 50 AS11                 
Page 51 AS13 AS14            
Page 52 AS17                 
Page 53 S1                   
Page 54 S2                   
Page 55 S2                   
Page 56 S4                   
Page 57 S5                   
Page 58 S11 S12 S30 S31      
Page 59 S7 S20               
Page 60 S8 S9                
Page 61 S10                  
Page 62 S13                  
Page 63 S14                  
Page 64 S15 S17 S18          
Page 65 S16                  
Page 66 S19                  
Page 67 S24 S26 S27 S28      
Page 68 S25                  
Page 69 S29                  
Page 70 CH1                  
Page 71 CH2                  
Page 72 CH3                  
Page 73 CH4                  
Page 74 CH5                  
Page 75 CH6                  
Page 76 CH7                  
Page 77 CH8                  
Page 78 CH9                  
Page 79 CH10                 

Note: WP=Wooden panel. AS=Ally sheet. S=Steel bracket CH does not mean anything in particular.

There are also 14 additional photos included that were not with the original plans.

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