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The Chieftain was the second car that I designed to be built from a set of plans. It was made to resemble a World War 2 Geep. (Copyright/Trademark laws forbid me from using a “J”).  The base vehicle was a Triumph Spitfire/GT6, or a long wheel base version could be built on a Herald/Vitesse. The beauty was that virtually no mods. had to be done to the base chassis, apart from cutting bits off. The base car body could be removed and the new  Chieftain body dropped on. The plans on the CD are incomplete, mainly missing the “Words” section. One page of the actual drawings is missing, but I’m 100% certain that you could build the car with what there is. ALL the pages are there to enable you to cut out the body panels (from half inch ply) and join them together, along with the drawings for the scuttle top, front wings, inner wings, bonnet, bonnet frame, windscreen frame, and the overall dimensions of the front grill. The grill I used on the prototype was a replica for a genuine WW2 front grill made in steel. These were surprisingly easy to get hold of, even in the UK. I think there are still people who sell them. However, several people made their own, either from MDF, (Heavily painted for protection), of from steel strip. (Some of the genuine WW2 vehicles actually had steel strip grills.) It is a very easy body to construct, the panels are fixed together using angle iron and the whole of the tub section is basically a box (of a rather fancy shape) that drops on the chassis.

Again, like the Arrow, the plans could be scaled down and used to build a “Kiddie-car”. 

35 Pages. First produced 1982 

Changes that I would make if I were to do it today.

The only thing that ever looked “Wrong” to me was the back of the car. Where the sides met the rear panel was a 90 degree square corner. It would look much better with a 6 inch radius curve.
Like the Arrow, there are a few mechanical changes needed to make it pass today's legislation.

 The pages are as follows:

Page 0  Front cover                         
Page 1  Outriggers                          
Page 2  Rear bumper bar                     
Page 3  Radiator mounting frame             
Page 4  Mounting outriggers                 
Page 5  Footwell floor                      
Page 6  Transmission tunnel                 
Page 7  Spine board                         
Page 8  Rear wheel arch front               
Page 9  Footwell outside                    
Page 10 Footwell front                      
Page 11 Footwell inside                     
Page 12 Footwell top                        
Page 13 Rear wheel arch inner               
Page 14 Boot floor                          
Page 15 Rear wheel arch top and slope       
Page 16 Rear panel                          
Page 17 Main body sides                     
Page 18 Petrol filler recess template       
Page 19 Inner front wing                    
Page 20 Pedal box                           
Page 21 Mods to pedal pivots                
Page 22 Mods to pedals                      
Page 23 Bonnet                              
Page 24 Bonnet framework                    
Page 25 Bumpers                             
Page 26 Windscreen frame                    
Page 27 Overall dimensions for front grill  
Page 28 Scuttle top dimensions              
Page 29 Front outter wing dimensions        
Page 30 Blown up view of main parts         
Page 31 Pedal arangements                   
Page 32 Lower steering collumn bracket      
Page 33 Handbrake compensator pivot plate   
Page 34 Headlamp and indicator mount plates 

There are also 14 additional photos included that were not with the original plans.

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