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The electronic dashboard was designed in the days when only very expensive cars were equipped with such things. These plans enabled any boy racer with a Ford Cortina to have an instrument panel that looked like it came out of NASA Space Control. It is pretty low tech., by modern day standards. It does not contain microcomputers and simply converts electrical signals from the car’s sensors into LED displays. The instruments include Fuel gauge, Temperature gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, rev. counter and speedo. To build an entire dash works out quite expensive, but the individual circuits could be useful to someone who wants to add a touch of flashiness to their dash.

 25 pages. First produced 1985

 Changes that I would make if I were to do it today.

I don’t think that the 10 dot LED display is made any more, but it basically consisted of an LM3914 chip and 10 LEDs on a small circuit board. That means that if you use an LM3914 and your own separate LEDs you can come up with the same thing. Plus you can alter the colours of the LEDs to give a “Safe” and “Danger” warning. The circuit and info for the LM3914 can be found at: 

The speedo sensor (That fits onto the speedo cable) can be obtained from: 

It is on the page as the “Brantz Speedometer Sensor”. You will need to check the circuit that comes with it in case different voltages are required to drive it to those mentioned in the plans. (Maplin, who supplied the original ones, no longer stock them.) 

 The pages are as follows:

Page 0  Front cover                 
Page 1  Introduction                
Page 2  Interface modules           
Page 3  Construction                
Page 4  Testing                     
Page 5  Setting up                  
Page 6  Mechanical construction     
Page 7  Block diagram               
Page 8  5 volt regulator            
Page 9  Rev. counter interface      
Page 10 Battery condition interface 
Page 11 Fuel, oil, water interface  
Page 12 Basic 10 dot display        
Page 13 Speedo interface            
Page 14 Test circuits               
Page 15 Digital display             
Page 16 Notes on photos             
Page 17 Photos                      
Page 18 Photos                      
Page 19 Parts lists                 
Page 20 Parts lists                

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