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We used to sell a ready made loom and these were the instructions/diagrams that went with it. They are a bit rough and ready, and really intended for use with the ready made loom, but Iíve included them because it may help someone wire up their car from scratch. 

Note that things like hazard flashers and brake fluid warning lights are not included. However, once you get the main wiring sorted out, it is not too difficult to add extras.

9 pages. First produced in 1981

The pages are as follows:

Page 0 Introduction                 
Page 1 Loom "Laid out on floor"     
Page 2 Position of loom on body     
Page 3 Colours                      
Page 4 Connections to various items 
Page 5 Connections to dash items    
Page 6 General notes                
Page 7 Wiring diagram               
Page 8 Colours to dash     

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