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When I first produced the Arrow many magazines described it as "The most  authentic looking 1930's replica that you can build."

This picture of Barry Toogood's 3.5 Liter Rover V8 engined Arrow shows that the Arrow is more than just a pretty face.

Picture copyright Barry Toogood (see "Links" for more info)


I don't have many specific pictures of Burlingtons, but the following links should get you to Google images that  will give you a good idea of what the cars look like. (And how they vary so much, depending how THE BUILDER wants to interpret the plans.)

These addresses were working at the time I produced this page. I guess they still do, but if they don't then just Google "Burlington Arrow" or "Burlington Berretta" and then click on "Images" you get there.



Where it all started.  (Railway Arch 39M, Bath Place, Leamington Spa.)

Here is a customer collecting his SS body shell and taking it home on the roof of his Ford Cortina.

RUE 350 F was the prototype of the Burlington SS. The project was later sold off to Burlington Motor Spares Ltd and they sold it on to Dorian Motors.

PLEASE NOTE that the Burlington SS was only ever sold as a kit and that no plans are available to build it.


The Berretta demonstrator at a kit car show.

In the middle is Dave Pepper who was in a sucessful Coventry Punk Rock band and always dressed like he was on stage.
He worked at the railway arch in exchange for parts for his car. Odd how well it worked at shows, with him in 1980's punk gear explaing the finer points of a 1930's replica.

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